Warranty Policy

Warranty Policy

At Swap Engines, our products are more than just auto parts; they represent our everlasting dedication to quality, dependability, and client happiness. We are aware that each item you purchase from us represents a financial commitment to your car that has to be protected and guaranteed.

We continuously work to uphold the highest standards of customer satisfaction while leading the auto parts market. Each part, accessory, or assembly carefully chosen and supplied from our facilities reflects this dedication. Every product comes with our quality assurance seal, which attests to our commitment to quality control and shows how much we value every one of our customers. Additionally, our warranty is not just a compilation of legalese or a list of prerequisites that must be satisfied. It is a physical representation of our dedication to our clients and our vow to back up and support our offerings. With this approach, you can be confident that no component will fail and that the vehicle will run smoothly and dependably every time you turn the ignition key.

To uphold this guarantee, each item in our catalog is thoroughly tested and inspected before packing for delivery. Although rigorous, this exacting technique is not immune to rare errors. We know this, so we have a responsive, committed team to support you should the unlikely occur. Any damaged element will be replaced as the first line of defense. However, we will fully refund the complete amount you were charged for your order if a replacement is not possible for any reason. Furthermore, this pledge covers almost all the car parts we supply, giving our clients a broad level of certainty.

We take a straightforward approach to the warranty policy. We clarify that our guarantee does not cover labor charges associated with the installation or removal of items. Additionally, it doesn't cover other expenses like towing fees, rental car charges, or additional repairs required as a result of using faulty or inappropriate parts. Our company aims to develop relationships based on trust and customer satisfaction, not only by selling parts. This corporate concept is clearly reflected in Swap Engines' warranty policy. We continue to offer assistance and support to our clients long after the sale finalizes to give them the finest possible service.

Our warranty program offers our clients protection against defective items and peace of mind, among other advantages. They can shop confidently, knowing that every component will perform to the highest standards and that, should any issues arise, we'll be here to address them quickly and satisfactorily. Moreover, our warranty policy reflects our confidence in the caliber of our products. It demonstrates our ongoing dedication to giving our consumers only the best. We stand by every product we sell, from the initial examination and testing of parts to their delivery and installation.

Swap Engines recognizes the value of backing up our products with a firm warranty policy in a world where trust is valued equally to the product itself. In addition, we are committed to upholding this high level of client pleasure and belief in our goods, delivering a more streamlined and dependable experience for all our clients. Select Swap Engines to explore the auto parts world confidently. We strive to offer customers peace of mind, excellent performance, and long-lasting durability in addition to simply selling parts. Put your faith in our products, our warranties, and our dedication to you.

Return Process

We are aware that returning a part occasionally can be difficult. Because of this, we work hard to make the return procedure as simple as possible. We ask that our clients thoroughly explain the problem they've encountered to make returns go more smoothly. Thanks to your information, we can better identify the nature of the issue, address it, and improve our service.

However, if a returned part doesn't adhere to the guidelines specified in our return policy, a restocking fee of 25% of the total paid amount assesses. By taking this action, we can better manage our inventories and provide for you in the future.

Ordering the correct part is crucial, which cannot be emphasized sufficiently. We firmly advise our customers to consult a mechanic or other automotive expert before placing an order to avoid future issues. We regrettably cannot accept returns or issue refunds for parts which are ordered incorrectly. Please be aware that to be eligible for a refund or exchange, all claims must be returned within 30 days of delivery.

Warranty Coverage on Transmissions

The transmission is a critical component of an automobile's intricate ecosystem. It is the brains behind turning the power of your engine into motion. Swap Engines recognizes the importance of this job and specifically emphasizes our warranty coverage for transmissions, which play a crucial role in the overall operation of your car.

Our transmission warranty coverage goes above and beyond the norm. We know a transmission's efficiency extends beyond functional gears and bearings. It entails paying close attention to every component supporting efficient power transfer from your engine to your wheels. Let's clarify the function and intricacy of transmissions before getting into the complexities of our transmission guarantee. Moreover, an automatic gearbox comprises many gears, bearings, seals, gaskets, and fluid lines, just a few of the many different parts. The assembly is a mechanical wonder that ensures your car's motion because each component is essential for the transmission to operate correctly.

However, comprehensive and robust warranty coverage is required due to the complicated assembly's susceptibility to wear and tear. Moreover, our dedication to you extends to ensuring that each component works in unison to give you a safe and dependable driving experience. Our transmission guarantee was explicitly created to ensure it would operate correctly, with smooth gear and bearing motion. However, the duty does not end there. Before assembling the transmission, we advise clients to clean all its parts, including the oil pan, properly. Doing this will make you confident that any leftover impurities won't affect how well your new part works.

Additionally, it is essential to repair all gaskets and seals before installing the transmission. This procedure reduces the possibility of any leaks that can result in fluid loss and possible harm. The cooler and lines should also undergo a thorough inspection, flush, and flow test. This guarantees that the cooling system, essential to maintaining the transmission's health, is operating as it should. In addition, the warranty coverage changes regarding manual transmissions to consider their particular characteristics. The replacement of the clutch, pressure plate, and slave cylinder—essential components of the manual transmission system—is advised by the policy. Prior to installation, the flywheel should also be refinished to guarantee optimum clutch engagement and seamless gear changes.

It's also crucial to remember that keeping your transmission's fluid level at the right level is essential for its longevity and effective operation. Moreover, it doesn't matter if the transmission is automatic or manual; fluid levels must be monitored and filled off as necessary to prevent overheating and guarantee seamless gear changes. Additionally, it is essential to recognize that not all parts are covered by our warranty, even though we guarantee the performance of the fundamental transmission components. While turbo seals, for example, are a component of the transmission assembly, they are not warranted to remain faultless and need to be replaced within a specific time range.

Our extensive warranty coverage for transmissions aligns with our broader dedication to excellence, dependability, and client happiness. It intends to offer a hassle-free ownership experience, allowing you to concentrate on the road ahead rather than the components inside your engine. We will support every mile of your journey as we make sure it is as smooth as a transmission covered by a Swap Engines warranty. Trust in us, and let's travel through the automotive world together.